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Most people who undertake SEO but very few actually monitor what results their website get from those SEO efforts, this is a big mistake they are doing, please don't make this mistake and try to constantly monitor your website progress after SEO efforts.

With a SEO Report you will get many benefits that includes,

* You can find out your website's rank in the search engines

* You can track the progress of your website ranking

* You can track for which search terms your website ranked and in which search engine

* By tracking the search that gets the rank for your website, you can further re-optimize your website according to the search to make ur position stronger

These SEO reports plays important role and without these reports you will have no idea of what works and what doesn't!

Once your subscribe My SEO Services, I will send you detailed pre SEO report that will help you to understand what elements your website lacks to be successful in the online presence, after optimizing your website and applying my SEO methods to get your website good ranking positions in search engines, I will send you fortnight SEO report, that will help you track closely your website progress in search engines.

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