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Search Engine Marketing Using Keyword Analysis Research

By: Bernice Eker

Proper keyword analysis research is vital in providing your website with the most relevant content to the criteria submitted by the searcher. Search engines are programmed to identify important and relevant information in relation to searches; if this function fails to work correctly people will stop using that search engine, so one of the most important aspects of getting good rankings and good search engine positions is proper keyword analysis research.

There are two options when conducting keyword analysis research; firstly you can opt to use some of the free tools available, the second option is to spend out on buying some tools.

Of course your choice will come down to how serious you are about obtaining high search engine rankings and how much you can afford to spend getting there. The free tools are perfectly acceptable but you should be aware that they will provide only linear results which means that the keywords and phrases submitted via the free tools will be limited to that word alone. As an example, you could put the word cat into your free tool and the results you get back will relate only to that one keyword; it will not however display any associated words such as kitten which might have been useful to you.

The obvious advantage to using free tools is that they cost you nothing, being simply free to use, but this is also a disadvantage. Important words that would be perfect for your site may be missed because the output of free tools is quite linear and if they do provide you with a synonym it will often be only one word deep. Rather than provide you with a ready selection of keywords it would mean plugging that synonym into the tool and conducting the search again, a process that would become repetitive. The whole process is time consuming enough without complicating things further with more labor intensive preparation work.

If instead you choose to pay for some of the tools to help with your research analysis you should achieve much more comprehensive results as these tools are designed to operate in a non-linear fashion and to thoroughly dig through a word to locate any related keywords and phrases. They will bring up a variety of associated data and information that you may not have considered and will certainly be more productive, uncovering more than using free keyword tools. Using these tools to locate the low competition but well searched keywords and phrases is important as your hard earned money is going to be on the line.

Keyword tools are important in saving you time and money so take advantage as much as possible. They can help locate many associated words you may never have considered, they can also find low competition phrases that hold relevance to your site and they can provide full analysis research by interrogating your word or phrase in a fraction of the time it would take you manually. Their only real disadvantage is the initial cost but if you intend to be serious about generating traffic to your site and developing excellent search engine results the cost should be regarded as negligible.

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