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By Murali Kanna

Do you need a SEO specialist help with your search engine optimiZation? well you have come to the right place.

I am an SEO Specialist from Chennai in India and I can help your Website to significantly improve its online visibility.

If you are asking yourself do I really need an SEO Specialist's help to optimize your website then ask yourself "Am I happy with my website's current online position in the search engines?" If your answer is No, then your website needs my help to get a better online position then what it is now. I can get your website to where it needs to be in the top search engines to achieve maximum online visibility with the use of my professional SEO Services .

Let me give you one small statistics that will let you know the importance of your website's online position, Do you know that if your website is not in the top position of Google listings then you could be potentially lose 70% of your total online market? Or if your website is not in the top positions of top 3 search engines then you may lose up to 90% of your total online market? Scared? Well that is not my intention, I am just informing you the importance of good ranking positions in search engins, thats all.

10 Reasons to hire My SEO Services

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1. I have been practicing SEO (Search engine optimization) since 2004. First in the company I worked for, then on the sites of others I encountered while doing business on the Internet and finally as a freelance consultant offering SEO services to businesses of all sizes since 2009.

2. I offer extremely affordable SEO Rates for the level of Services and professionalism I provide. Visit Affordable SEO page to know the reasons how its possible for me to offer affordable SEO Services at such a low prices where as the services worth more than that.

3. I can comfortably work on website rankings for any search result no matter how big or small the competition.

4. My list of satisfied clients is growing, this is the ultimate outcome of the efforts I put in my SEO Services

5. I always update my knowledge and stay knowledgeable and up to date on current search ending algorithm and trends.

6. This is my business style, I do business by making friends, understand and learn their businesses. This gives me detail insight of their business and in turn help me to optimize their website in a broad and better way.

7. I am NOT practicing the so called black hat seo.

8. I always stay in contact with other SEO professionals around the world, this gives me a wonderful opportunity of knowledge sharing and keeping myself up to date on current internet market trends.

9. In the IT industry since 1995, other than SEO experience I have worked in various technologies that includes Visual Basic, Java, .Net, PHP, Oracle, SQL Server, MySql and Mainframes. Also I have good experience in Quality Management & Project Management. All this background definitely adds advantage while handling your projects.

10. Beyond all I TRUST in GOD, and I am truthful to the work I do.

Understand the SEO basics

SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization, as the term suggests, it is a technique of optimizing a website to increase the visibility so that search engines can crawl to index the website. If a website is not SEO Friendly then chances for the website to get good ranking is minimal and in the ever increasing competitive online world, it could prove costly. So how to optimize a website to increase its online visibility.

SEO Content

Whether it's keyword rich articles, blogs or alike, one of the most efficient methods of optimizing a website is with SEO friendly content. Many websites make the mistake of simply putting some information regarding their company or product or service information, which lacks the optimization of search engine friendly content. Implementing keywords related to the website's content is one of the best technique of optimizing a website. These keywords must be strong and tactically placed all over the website.


To make a website's SEO usefulness stronger, you need to use the apt keywords significant to the website is all about. Keywords are the search phrases that Public type into search engines to discover the manufactured goods or service they're with. However, simply using a basic keyword doesn't bring traffic - one have to use long tail and organic keywords.

Here one has to use a keyword phrase as different to the specific keyword itself. For example, say a website sells computer accessories - if one type with the phrase "computer accessories" in Google it will come back with 3.5 million results. If one have very good SEO-friendly website, he will probably struggle to get noticed. To see a good result then change the specific keyword in to long tail keyword.

Instead of solely using "computer accessories", try using something unique to the business - we can call it as targetted keywords. "HP Computer accessories", and this will come back with only 145,000 results. Tune it further by using the city you're in. "HP Computer accessories in chennai" comes back further reduced compettition of 75,000 results. Thus you can enjoy the fruit of targetted keywords.

SEO Blogging

Currently blogs are the most effectual methods of increasing your website's Search engine optimization. People in the industry now realizing the use of Blogs and started using it for their company's services or products and there are hardly some businesses currently are not using blogs for their company websites.

Keeping your website's content fresh and unique thus make your website SEO friendly is one of the main reason for its popularity.Websites with unique and fresh content will be highly ranked by search engines, to this in a better way is through blogs with regular updates.

Adding to this, blogs are exceptional ways to instantly update your customers or readers about any changes, which guarantees that any news that you want to share with your customers or readers at once. Yet perhaps by their very nature, blogs offer a wonderfull and straightforward way to enhance your website's SEO due to the way you can use targetted keywords for all blog placement, thus avoid the impact on the overall SEO on your website.

Although there are other points to take into consideration as it comes to the website's SEO - the URL, the meta tags, the class, the description etc - the basic methods will help one to achieve the perfect search engine optimization of your website to get the expected traffic. Visit SEO Articles section to read tons of SEO related articles.

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